Chadwick Saylor provides institutional marketing and fund-raising services for public and private real estate companies, with a primary focus on opportunity and value-added real estate funds. The firm has distinguished itself by taking on the most challenging of assignments – initial commingled discretionary funds offered by managers, follow-on discretionary funds, and/or funds seeded with partially specified portfolios.

CSC’s long-standing capital relationships with public, corporate and Taft Hartley pension funds, endowments and foundations provide us a working knowledge of institutional investors’ decision-making processes, legal concerns and structuring preferences. CSC maintains an interactive, proprietary database with over 1,000 institutional capital sources and their investment preferences.

It is Chadwick Saylor’s unique expertise in the combined areas of: (1) capital markets; (2) real estate operations; and (3) institutional investment practices, that gives our firm distinct competitive advantages. Our contacts and reputation in the industry have allowed us to repeatedly execute capital raising programs and establish long-term institutional relationships for our clients.

In the past four years alone, CSC has raised capital for blind pools and partially specified funds, which today exceed $2.5 billion in value.

The following tombstones are reflective of these assignments.

Funds Marketing